The grades you have been getting in school are great, the extra-curricular activities done by you all this while are even better and praised too. Your teachers can’t stop admiring and appreciating your glorified achievements .All is good, but what about 15,000 other applicants with similar credentials?
A well crafted university application essay is something very essential and can favor you in a great way once you have landed to the desk of the admission officer. In such case, you (your university application essay) must have the power to stand out of the huge pile of “maybe” Study Abroad Applications.
To answer your question which might come in your mind is- what exactly is an essay when it comes to applying for university admissions? How is it different from a normal essay? Well, an essay is defined as a written document which describes, evaluates, compare and analyze a topic in a systematized and orderly manner. Majority of the International Institutions may ask to write Essay on given topics for Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs.
It is essential to write an essay which describes you more. The Admission Committee hopes to have a better insight of you as a person, as you are so much more than just your test scores and grades. Through your Essay the admission officer will view into your thoughts, hopes, dreams, opinions and gives a snapshot, of which you really are- your voice, your path, your goals.
As mentioned earlier, grades and test scores are an important part when it comes to applying to universities and colleges, but only “the numbers “ are not enough to tell your story, it takes a lot more than that to get into the “certainly yes” pile of applications at the Admission Officer’s desk. Hence, your university / college application essay should be carefully crafted with preciseness, honesty, diversity of mind and smartness. Some of these small points are important ingredients for your essay and you are good to get a “definitely yes “and an open heart welcome from the university of your choice!



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