Journey matters much more than destination!

In today’s era of rigorous competition, where everyone is striving for survival, be it in attaining education; seeking admissions to universities or getting placements in better firms; people often tend to ignore the path required to walk on in achieving their desired destination. Instead, the tendency of focusing on the aims, the goal is so much that they completely ignore the idea of the journey- the journey to the destination.
Journey plays a very important role in achieving one’s goal. At times, it is a cakewalk, whereas most of the times, it is a path full of thorns. Now the point of conflict arises in deciding which option to choose for one’s desired destination a) less time consuming, easy ridden but morally wrong; or b) more time consuming, difficult to walk on but morally correct?
We have often seen, and some of us have even experienced and felt the pressure building up because of our family. There are numerous cases wherein doctors, engineers, actors have chosen their respective paths under parental/family pressure. One can understand after analysis as to how these children decide their aims without even knowing the A, B, C of how they will achieve it. And unfortunately, after growing up, when they face the harsh reality of their so-called goals, these children turn out to rebel against their own parents. So, the logic behind this example is that without having any idea about which path one needs to take, one cannot decide about the goal. In other words, A Journey can be planned without knowing the destination, but a destination cannot be thought of without knowing the Journey. Many a times we sit in the car to go for a ride without planning where to go, but are we confident enough to go somewhere without knowing the route to that place? Probably not.
Similar is the case with International Education. Students often face a dilemma at some stage or the other – whether it is selecting the right Study Abroad group, choosing a suitable course / country for themselves or requiring guidance in applying to the university. Students need to make a correct decision while choosing a counselor, as this stage is most crucial one and can be a deciding factor of how your goal is to be achieved. It’s important for students to gain knowledge on possible options and research on future path of the selected program before making their decision. Studying abroad can be a expensive affair if seen from pure cost prospective hence making a informed choice lets that pressure go away!
Hence, here too, how smooth the journey (application process) alone will take care of the destination (getting the visa).
Urvashi Singhal
Debate Society, Kamla Nehru College, Delhi
Member mapmystudy Writer’s Zone
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