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5 things you must consider to study abroad after passing 12th

The educational fields have become globalized and more students are now reaching out to international universities to gain higher education. There are some emerging trends decipherable from such movement of students. Most of such admissions are wanted in the recognized universities in the developed nations of world, chiefly USA, UK, Australia and some more. In India, we have such applicants who seek admission abroad after passing their 12th board exam. But most get perplexed as where to start and how to proceed! Here is a list of the steps that need to be considered by the students who want to enroll in a foreign institution for higher study.

1.   Meet the study abroad admission consultantsStudy Abroad Consultants

 Reaching out to an experienced consultant is the paramount step towards getting equipped with the basic information. The ‘study abroad’ counselors take every case in a customized manner and they offer guidance in the form of broad outline of the opportunities and mechanism to get through. They consider parameters like the present policy of the incumbent government towards permitting the students from other nations and the cost of living as also scholarships probability.

2.   Get informed about the prospective careers and potential opportunities

 Based on your career choice, the consultant offers information about the prospective opportunities available. This allows you to better assess the potential success. The qualified consultants like mapmystudy offer tailored counseling regarding where the best chances are available for the seeker. This works superb in assuring bright career for you!

3.   Choosing the correct course is also important!

You need to conduct detailed analysis as to what course is best suited for you.

4.   Always find the best destination to study abroad

The right destination for you would depend on the course you have decided to opt and what are the career prospects for you in that field. You must select the location that has developed frontline competence in the specialization that you wish to opt.

5.   Sort out the universities of relevance to your course and study destination

While several universities offer similar career, choose the one which offers subsidiary benefits like scholarship, job avenues and research fellowships among others.

If you desire to study overseas in Australia or USA or UK or any other nation, connect with a professional consultant. Mapmystudy is a competent ‘study abroad’ consultant and maintains a dynamic database of the best opportunities in various universities and career choices around the world.


Top Master’s Programs in Australia

Some of the topmost universities of the world, Australia is the third most desired study overseas destination for Indian students.  The island nation has a strong international standing of excellence and quality across its higher education and training programs. It is endorsed to study abroad in Australia as the degree achieved from its universities is highly recognized across the globe by both Australian and international employers.

Study in Australia consultants
Benefits of pursuing Masters in Australia

A Master’s degree provides a full overview of a field of study of professional practice. As one of the most renowned study in Australia consultants in Delhi, we wish to share some of the benefits of pursuing Master’s degree in Australia:

  • Enrichment of skills by supervising projects, working in teams, speaking publicly and giving presentations from time to time
  • Attainment of mastery in a specific discipline
  • A chance to bond with other students belonging to diversified cultural backgrounds
  • Move up the career ladder to gain a higher starting remuneration
  • Superior learning opportunities through internships and introduction to real world working environment

Selecting a University

Choosing a university is one of the key and most important tasks. At mapmystudy, our study abroad admission consultants have aided thousands of students get admission in the top Australian universities.  Some characteristics you must ponder during university selection are:

  • Excellence of University
  • Location
  • Tuition Fee
  • International student support

Requirements for admission in Australian Universities

Admission into most Master’s courses in Australia requires a Bachelor’s degree from a acknowledged university and proficiency in English language. IELTS / TOEFL / PTE or any other test score is also compulsory in many universities for admission. Numerous programs at various universities may also want prior knowledge in certain subjects, work experience or the successful completion of an audition, portfolio, interview or test.


Top five Master’s program to study in Australia:

  1. MBA
  2. Professional Accounting
  3. Business Analytics / Data Science / Big Data
  4. Project Management
  5. Engineering Management


Relive the experience of study abroad

Now that you have made your way back to your home country, you must be excited to answer the most frequently asked question by your family and friends: How was your study overseas in Australia or other English-speaking nation’s experience?Study overseas australia

You had a memorable opportunity to relish studying overseas in Australia or other foreign nation and you will want to look back on it often in years to come. Definitely the best time to document your trip is immediately after you come back to your motherland while the memories are still fresh.

It is time to connect with one of our study abroad admission consultants who can help you live this memory that you will cherish throughout your lifetime.

Our consultants have several years of experience helping aspirants apply in their desired university or program, apply for the foreign study visa, achieve the eligibility requirement for scholarships and attain post study work visa for Australia or other most desired study abroad destinations.

Journey matters much more than destination!

In today’s era of vast competition, everyone is so focused on the goal that they ignore the journey of achieving it.  Journey is a very important part of success whether it’s a cakewalk or full of thorns

A Journey can be planned without knowing the destination, but a destination cannot be thought of without knowing the Journey. Many times we sit in the car to go for a ride without planning where to go, but we won’t be confident to go somewhere witforeign study visahout knowing the route to that place.

Same is true for the study abroad admissions. Students often face a problem at some part of the application process whether it is selecting the right university, choosing a suitable course, applying to the university or getting a foreign study visa. Therefore, it is advised to seek help of study abroad admission consultants.



B Schools of USA

One of the main reason why the US seems a striking destination for MBA studies is the properly developed mutual research facilities and systems to manage acquaintance. Nothing sharpens an MBA student more than pure, responsible research and that’s what the US Universities are best at. So, take help of our MBA admission Consultants to ensure your admission in pinnacle MBA universities in USA

An MBA Degree from USA is a valuable option for Indian students for reasons more than just one. America is a home to the world’s finest business schools. A stunning number of fresh Engineering, Commerce and MBA Admission ConsultantsHumanities graduates are produced every year that need an MBA degree as a stepping stone to enter the kingdom of business administration. There are more still, who wander for the sake of more information and exploration. Different people have different needs- but, US B-Schools have something in store for everyone. There are MBA programs customized to fit the needs of all strata of students, ranging from Full Time MBA Programs for novices and professionals with some work experience to Executive MBAs for highly experienced and qualified individuals. Specific departments and advising faculty such as those of Economics, Finance, Accounting, International Trade, Marketing and Human Resource etc. allow students to take courses according to their own comfort and liking.

The famous belief that only the people with work experience can attend an American B-School can only be called a falsehood. In fact, many US Universities and their admissions committees consider a too little work experience just as equal to none. Moreover, the students with Bachelor’s degrees of three year duration can also enter top B-schools by studying a few extra courses prior to the MBA program. GMAT is the major test that most B-Schools require for admission. These days, many schools also accept GRE scores in lieu of GMAT. While a GMAT/GRE score is required for admission to B-Schools, many pinch off this condition from their application checklist based on a student’s profile.

An increasing number of Indian students prefer to study in USA because of similar costs of MBA degrees in India. Studying MBA in USA has become lucrative because of the financial support that students avail based on merit and performance. For international students, this support comes mainly in the form of scholarships. In addition, few brilliant students also get opportunities to assist their faculty in teaching or research. Hence, these students not only gain precious experience while studying, but also earn assistantships though which tuition fee, living costs or both may be covered partly or completely.

With many universities attributed by AACSB, United States of America boast of running high standards of maximum number of quality business schools. By AACSB, we mean, ‘The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business’, which is hailed as the most renowned B-School recognizing body in the world. US Universities encourage practical learning and it is not uncommon for MBA graduates to find jobs at places where they intern. Most of the students, in fact get to apply their project works and theses at their work places thus making USA ever motivating for students who like to learn through complete experience.  Let us know if one of our MBA admission consultants can help! We are here to help you live your dream life.