The Global Education Expo: A Great Opportunity For Students Seeking Admission In International Universities

Mapmystudy, a study abroad admission consultant, is designing one of its largest education expo of 2017 at The Lalit Hotel in New Delhi.  All the students seeking admission in foreign university must stopover on 23rd April, 2017 where you will get a chance to meet the representatives of top universities from aross the globe. 

 If you require to be a part of our expo, we propose you to register yourself at  This way we can keep you updated with all the news and information relevant to the contributing universities. 

 There are plentiful benefits of attending the Global Education Expo.  You get to individually interact with the representative from your fantasy university.  You can comprehend the complete requirement and confirm your eligibility for your desired program.  You also have the alternative to fill out and submit your college application on the spot.  Certain universities may also extend application fee waivers at the time of the application submission. 

Studying abroad is an deluxe commitment and scholarship may the decisive factor for a large number of students.  During the fair, you can learn about incalculable scholarships you may be eligible for.  This can help you work out your finances and make better decision regarding your foreign education.

With over 18 years of experience in guiding students get admission in top universities of the world, mapmystudy has proved itself as one of the most favored study abroad consultants in India and worldwide.  We work personally with the top academic institutes in USA, Australia, UK, Canada and more.  Our proficient gurus have experience helping students in various aspects of studying abroad such as admission application, scholarship, foreign study visa and more.


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