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Top Three Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

scholarships-for-study-overseas-in-australiaAustralia is one of the most craved study abroad destinations with third major population of foreign students after United States and United Kingdom.  It is also land of six of the top 100 universities in the world. Its liberal foreign study visa laws further interests the students to fulfill their dream of international education in Australia.  With the country located nearby the Asian continent, it’s obvious that Indian students prefer Australia as their foreign study destination.

A primary reason to study overseas in Australia in comparison to other nations such as US and UK is the cost of living.  The living and education expenses are lower in Australia. But several Indian students still cannot bear the expenses to study and live in the country.  Financial aid provides support to qualified students in completing their education abroad.  This is one of the dominant reasons why students choose to study in a foreign land instead of studying in India.  We recommend using the support of our qualified study abroad consultants to help you get a scholarship that will cover maximum cost of studying overseas in Australia.

Here are top three scholarships provided by the universities and the Australian government:

Universities Scholarships for International Students

  1. Macquarie Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships by Macquarie University

Courses: Bachelors and Masters courses from Engineering, Environment, Media, Linguistics and Education disciplines

Includes: Varied amount of up to $AUD 10,000 towards your tuition fee which is not renewable

  1. La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students
    byLa Trobe University

Courses: Bachelors or Masters courses offered by the University

Includes: An amount varying between $AUD 10,000 to $AUD 20,000 payable towards tuition fee for a maximum of 2 semesters (1 year)

  1. Monash International Merit Scholarships
    by Monash University

Courses: Bachelors or Masters courses offered by the University

Includes: 31 scholarships are available worth $AUD 10,000 per year for full time study till minimum credits for the course is completed

Government Scholarships for International Students

  1. Australian Award Scholarship

Courses: Bachelors, Masters, Research, Vocational and Training courses

Includes: Full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses (CLE), Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

  1. Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Award

Courses: Post graduate courses or degree and Research programs

Includes: Full tuition fee, travel allowance  of $AUD 3,000, establishment allowance  of $AUD 4,000, monthly stipend  of $AUD 3,000 up to 2 years for Masters / up to 4 years for Research courses on pro rate basis along with health and travel insurance

  1. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

Courses:  Research based Postgraduate or Research program

Includes: Full Tuition Fees and Health Cover Costs (for applicant as well as the dependent)

Scholarships are vital for turning your dream into a reality.  We advocate using our scholarship assistance to smoothen this tedious process.  We are your study in Australia consultants in Delhi with an outstanding track record of helping countless students receive full or partial scholarships in Australia.



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Study Abroad Scholarship

The myths about SCHOLARSHIPS

Most students have pre conceived notions about scholarships for higher studies. These can often lead to bad decisions concerning selection of the right college. Here are some common myths that people have about getting scholarships.

Most students have pre conceived notions about scholarships for higher studies. These can often lead to bad decisions concerning selection of the right college. Here are some common myths that people have about getting scholarships.Scholarships are part of the plan for paying for college, but not the entire plan. Most students will need to rely on a combination of different types of financial aid from a variety of sources,including grants, student employment and student loans from the Government and allied organizations,besides the scholarships from colleges and universities. All these sources can substantially help reduce the student’s debt and work burden, saving some money on college costs. study abroad scholarship also provide the student with an opportunity to contribute to the cost of their college education instead of relying only on the bank accounts of their parents.Myth- ‘I must be outstandingly talented to get scholarships.’FactàHaving national or international acclaim definitely helps, but remember that only handful of students have such extras while most students don’t.We generally hear and try to find about more sensational university scholarships without knowing the full story of less spectacular ones.Myth- ‘A long list of extra cocurriculars would fetch me scholarships! ’

Factà As is the case in other aspects students who devote time and energy of life, winning scholarships is about to such diverse fields as music and quality, not quantity. Some people arts, foreign languages, community think that to win these awards you service, science, leadership, writing must devote your entire high school life and oratory, to name just a few.participating in extracurricular Typically, these programs are entirely activities. On the contrary, most ‘grade blind’—meaning that merely scholarship winners distinguish grades are not used as a judging themselves by the devotion they have criteria.demonstrated to a particular activity or Myth-‘I’m a top student, so university set of activities, rather than by the scholarships will come to me.’sheer quantity of their involvement.Winning scholarships isn’t about Factà So often do we find that having the longest list of students with brilliant academic scores extracurriculars. It’s about think that they will get scholarships.communicating who you are and what Undoubtedly for them, the chances of you care about through the activities getting a scholarship are high but still you participate in and enjoy. they have to work very hard to get one.After all, there’s no such thing as a Myth- ‘Only students with high free lunch. Even if you don’t have academic achievement get merit extraordinary talent, don’t worry you scholarships.’ still have very good chances of getting Factà Scholarships are awarded to a scholarship. All you need is to look at students with all sorts of talents and the right place.interests. In fact, many of the best scholarship programsare designed for students who devote time and energy to such diverse fields as music and arts, foreign languages, community service, science, leadership, writing and oratory, to name just a few.Typically, these programs are entirely ‘grade blind’—meaning that merely grades are not used as a judging criteria.